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Business House 2024

Business House is a semi-casual, friendly competition for people who want a squash game in a competition environment without joining the club. It is open to both members and non-members of the club.

The competition is run on Wednesday nights, starting at 6.30pm and generally finishing at 9.30-10.00.
Get together a team of at least 4 players a night (It is best have some reserves as backup or on rotation). Your competitors will range in ability from B/C Graders (pretty good) to learners.

  • Ideally, each team consists of 2 males and 2 females.

  • Each game is continuous for 20 minutes

  • Simplified scoring system so you can concentrate on hitting the ball.

  • Cost is $250 per team per year and the competition runs for approx. 25 weeks from 13th March through to November (with breaks in the calendar for Masters Interclub and local tournaments).

The club offers great facilities which include a bar, a good sized lounge, TV for the kids to watch plus showers for after your game.

The Franklin Squash Club is located at 31 Franklin Road, Pukekohe - next to Franklin Pool & Leisure (Rec Centre).

For further information please contact: 
James O'Connell on 0274 785 207 (Business House Organiser)


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