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Junior Programme 2021

New programme starting Monday, 26 July and sessions to run from 15.30 – 18.15 on Mondays. Run by Coach Mark Waldin and assistant coach Juli Voykovic. Coach: Mark Waldin & Juli Voykovic. Junior Co-ordinator: Ariston Kounoudis.

Mark: 027 478 5021

Juli: 021 058 2999

Ariston: 021 0296 6147


Our juniors are the future of our club so it's important to support, motivate and keep them interested, we encourage all members and parents to share any ideas and comments they may have re coaching and our junior programme.

I want to help out
We are always looking for Parents to help out so if you think this interests you please email the club.

Juniors Contacts
For further information please contact:
Mark Waldin (Coach) - 027 478 5021
Juli Voykovic (Assistant Coach) - 021 058 2999
Ariston Kounoudis (Co-ordinator) - 021 0296 6147


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