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Rules Night
Our annual Rules Night for the season is locked in for 6.30pm Wednesday 7th March in the club lounge. Hosted by refereeing legend Terry Manuatu, this will be an interactive and informative session where you can ask all the burning questions you have about the often misunderstood rules of our great game. 

With the tournament season underway and interclub begininng in early March, all players are expected to have a good level of refereeing competence and confidence. The way to find out how good your current understanding of the rules are, is by completing the Squash NZ Online Club Referee Exam. The 50 multi-choice test goes through the basic rules to help you become a better referee. We encourage EVERY player who is considering playing interclub or tournaments this year to complete it, even if you have been playing squash for a number of years as rules do change. We will also shortly be announcing a prize draw incentive for all those who complete and pass the online exam before the 30th September 2018. Stay tuned!!

About Interclub

Interclub is one of the best ways to play competitive squash against opponents from other clubs.

Every week on a Monday or Tuesday you and your team members will drive to another club or host the other team. You will need to be a graded player for interclub so contact our statistician to get things underway. Keep an eye out on notice boards for the Autumn, Winter and Spring pennants.

To register click here. If you do not have a grade code then Get a Grade.
Please visit Squash Auckland for interclub information.

Interclub Card

Filling in the Interclub Card

This link provides informaiton on how to complete the card at the conclusion of an interclub match.

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