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Information Brochure

 This is our general information for people interested in joining our club.

‚Äč Information for New Members

This will answer some frequently asked questions for new members.

Get a Grade

Why get a Grade?

Being graded allows you to play in competitive tournaments and events like open club tournaments, Interclub and District Super Champs. Once you have a grade and a player code, you will have access to the iSquash online grading list, which tracks players' grades. When a match of competitive squash is played in New Zealand, the winner receives grading points, while the loser loses grading points. As players win matches and accumulate points the iSquash system will promote them to a higher grade.

For adults (over 19) the grading system starts at F grade and goes up to A1 which is the highest grade possible (usually these are the best players in the country).

For junior players (under 19) the grading list starts at J5 and goes up to J1 before integrating into the adult grades from F upwards.

Grade Application Form

Fill out the form below to submit your grade application request.

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