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Weekly Ladder Draw -30/05/2024

Current standings and last weeks results.

Club Ladder

Ladder is a FREE club competition held on a Thursday evening for ALL financial club members.

  • Please complete the form below or email fscladder@gmail.com to join the ladder or be left off the draw for certain rounds. 

  • All ladder entries/exits, comments must be in by 7pm each Sunday so they can be included the following week. Please read the ladder rules below.

  • If you cannot play your scheduled time, then you may contact your opponent to play at another agreeable time. The game must be played and scores submitted online at Submit Ladder Scores or emailed to fscladder@gmail.com before Sunday 7pm.

  • Times: Ladder is played on Thursday nights from 5:30pm onwards. Time requests cannot be actioned due to large numbers participating.

  • Weekly Ladder draw and standings are posted here on the club website and a link emailed to current ladder participants.

  • Ladder is a fantastic way to meet other club members and enjoy our bar and kitchen facilities.

  • Learn how to score squash in a friendly environment. Ask a senior member to help you out!

  • Simple system - if you win your match you move up the ladder!

  • View your & other players match histories.

  • The Ladder Coordinator controls the ladder.  Any queries, please contact them via the ladder online entry system or email fscladder@gmail.com.

Ladder Rules

  • By signing up for the ladder you are signing up to play a social squash match on a Thursday night. You will play junior or senior players of your ability level. If you know you are not going to be available to play, make sure you leave the ladder for that week. You can do it online. You need to do this before Sunday evening at 7pm.

  • If you can’t make your scheduled game, you need to get in touch with your opponent. Find their contact details on the ladder draw or online by logging in through Hello Club ‘book now’ and clicking on ‘directory’.

  • No shows will be stood down from the ladder for a TWO (2) week period.

  • If you can’t make your scheduled game, your opponent is not obliged to play at another time – they can choose to take the win instead. Default matches will be scored 3-0.

  • You are responsible for ensuring your match result is submitted using the online form Submit Ladder Scores or by emailing fscladder@gmail.com before Sunday 7pm.

  • If you win your game, it is squash etiquette that you offer to buy your opponent a drink. Juniors cannot buy alcoholic beverages for senior players.

  • You are required to mark/referee a game on the night regardless of your ability level. This will usually be the game directly after you've played (on the court you've come off). Failure to do so may see you stood down for TWO (2) weeks.

The Squash Auckland Code of Conduct applies during all ladder games - a copy of which can be found on the notice board downstairs. Bad behaviour and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated at our club - any incidence reported to the Ladder Controller or Committee will result in further action being taken, with the alledged incident being investigated and possibly resulting in official warnings, enforced stand-down periods or full expulsion from the ladder - as the committee see fit. 

Franklin Ladder Requests

Please use this form to enter and leave the ladder or submit comments to the ladder controller.

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